Why Dhanrashi


Dhanrashi is first of its kind in India. A Pioneer in Hybrid MFI Fintech. Dhanrashi tech platform is next-generation with paperless approach offering financial solutions as per customer needs. A huge number of clients are still not being serviced because Microfinance model is focused on women borrowers and the lending happens using traditional approach, this is where Dhanrashi steps in.

Business Model

In the traditional MFI approach Individual lending was used for graduating Group Lending borrowers to higher ticket size loans and to retain them. The penetration of MFI's is yet to reach to what of telecom player like Jio in rural India, targeting bottom on the pyramid. Traditional business has certain limitations. Due to limitations of the Group lending a large number of economically active poor are left out. This is the space where Dhanrashi Operates.

Opportunities & Risks

Dhanrashi believes in serving the economically active poor who fits in the social economy profile . Borrowers with decent credit track record and social economy profile are offered credit line. When educated well, customer understands the impact on credit score. Encourage customers for digital repayment. Digital repayments reduces risk & operating cost.


Our true value rests not in creating a Microfinance portfolio, Dhanrashi is focusing on a hybrid microfinance model which is an Industry Pioneer, with a great combination of hub and spoke model, trained and tech-savvy team, eager to educate customers first. We had placed a strong credit algorithm and Credit check, a digital lead generation where users can refer new customers through a digital platform. Our digital algorithm based credit policy is flirting the borrowers at the time of onboarding itself; this leads to better sourcing to disbursement conversion and assist in building quality portfolio.

To know more about Dhanrashi

Knowledgeable and friendly advisors, dedicated to serving you

Not only we have multiple lending options, our lenders provide fast and efficient funding. But more than that, you also benefit from ongoing support from knowledgeable advisors. Toll free Number 18001203050 (Mon-Sat; 10 AM- 6 PM) or email info@dhanrashi.in anytime.

Expertly Trained

Our intensive training programs equips our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to understand your requirements. Team advises and guides customer on financial literacy.

Available Anytime

Always pleased to serve you, our team swiftly responds to calls, messages and emails, to ensure that turn around time for our customer is minimum across the industry.

More Than Advisory

Our employees advises our customer and share timely information that keeps our customers updated whether it is about your loan application, repayment or any other assistance.
Satisfied Clients
Experienced Staff

Our Vision:

Our humble aspiration is to become the foremost source of financial solutions for our valued customers. We strive to be the go-to company for those seeking assistance with their financial requirements. Our aim is to be recognized for our exceptional customer service, competitive rates, and diverse range of products. We are dedicated to aiding our customers in accomplishing their financial objectives, and we firmly believe that our vision will enable us to accomplish this mission.

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist our clients in obtaining the financial support they require to accomplish their objectives. We accomplish this by presenting a diverse range of loan options, reasonable interest rates, and straightforward conditions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest possible experience, and we are constantly striving to enhance our offerings and services.

Customer Story

Work life at Dhanrashi

How Can we Help?

Dhanrashi A hybrid of Fin-Tech & MFI is next-generation Platform driven by technology and paperless approach offering and tweaking financial solutions as per customer needs.
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